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How to take care of car?

i notice alot of people just change their oil and water for the car....but what about braking fluid and power steering fluid etc.??How to take care of car?
Do all the basics and the car will last.How to take care of car?
All you need to do for power steering is to periodically check to make sure none has leaked out. You should flush the brake lines and bleed them about ever couple of years to prevent accumulation of condensation, which can corrode brake cylinders and cause them to leak. By the time your front brakes need replacing, you'll need to do this. Front brakes usually wear out before the rear ones.

Your owners manual should have recommended service intervals for these maintenance items.How to take care of car?
get a list of the manufacturer scheduled maintenance at mileage intervals. it will include services such as tune ups, change fuel filter, air filter, flush the transmission fluid and change the transmission filter, flush the power steering fluid, flush the coolant, check the differential fluid if it has one, and just take care of anything that needs it.How to take care of car?
ALWAYS follow the factory standards on maintenence like fluid changes and part changes. Like for instance when a part(s) start failing change them out immediately, not weeks or months or years later because they will start affecting other parts and performance. Keep it washed and wax it about once a year and you should be good to go.How to take care of car?
brake fluid should be flushed about 20 000 km i think dont quote me on it.or your next brake job. power steering should be done every 25 000-35 000 km. look in your maunal and it will tell you the intervaltsHow to take care of car?
If you have a manual follow it and if you don't, buy one or I'll be seeing you.

How to tell if clutch is still good?

I ask this question b/c I went to get an oil change at dealer and they offer to top off any fluids. Before I took my car in I checked my fluids to see where the level was, 1) to see if they needed topping off, and 2)to see if would really do it. anyway my fluids were ok except my power steering fluid was really dark {not sure if that is correct color}. My brake/clutch fluid was dark also, and I know for sure it should be clear. Also it was almost at the min mark. Anyway stupid me I didn't check at dealership if they did it or not. But when I got home I did and nothing was topped off. Again Coolant, washer fluid, power steering, and brak/clutch fluid were ok. Even if they didn't top off wouldn't they mention that my brake/clutch fluid was dark and not clear which could suggest a problem? What about my power steering{if ATF fluid is used then shouldn't it be red not dark brown/black. What does this mean for my clutch and power steering fluid.

By the way my car is 2000 ford focus LX with IB5 Manual transmission. 117383 miles on clock. ThanksHow to tell if clutch is still good?
Fist off if your brake fluid is low and not leaking you might need new pad/shoes,your brake fluid go's down as your brake pads/shoes wear out.You don't top off brake fluid,just replace pads or shoe's.If you want to change the fluid,then you draw the old fluid out the top and fill it with fresh fluid and bleed the lines till the fluid runs clear.The same applies to your clutch fluid.

If you want to test your clutch,go up a steep hill and when you shift into 2ed or 3rd gear give it a little extra gas to see if you can make it slip.

When I see very low cluch fluid and there is no leaks then I replace the clutch,pressure plate and through out bearing.

As far as the brake/clutch fluid being dark...that does'nt alarm me.

How many miles can a car last? 100,000, 200,000?

Is it true that a car's transmission oil does not have to be change?

When is the correct moment to change the distribution chain?

Which liquids in the car( for example; the motor engine, the coolant in the radiator, the break fluid, power steering, should be flush? and how often?How many miles can a car last? 100,000, 200,000?
Follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule and use premium oil and filters. A man did that with a SAAB 900 and it went over 1,000,000 (yes that's a million) miles.How many miles can a car last? 100,000, 200,000?
all fluids needs to be changed...have it checked every 3 monthsHow many miles can a car last? 100,000, 200,000?
you should change transmission fluids according to the manufactoring specs,How many miles can a car last? 100,000, 200,000?
If you buy the car New on a dealer you should give proper and scheduled maintenance and it will last YEARS oil change every 4 months or according to mileage, or u can use a sintetic oil and filter and do it every single year, tranny the same, coolant every end of the year :flush and renew, but brakes and power steering not need to replace. anyway you have to view from this point, : a car did have a productive live of about 4 to 6 years after that you will have to replace every single part of it to keep it running troublefree. ex. when the transmision clutches gone they need to replace the whole kit, that is consider %26quot;major mechanics%26quot; on new cars you will check coolant levels and try to put more water than coolant because coolant %26quot;eat%26quot; aluminum blocks after years and when it happens u have to replace the whole engine, so sadly i can tell u that cars are designed not to last anymore, but to be replaced after certain numbers of years.How many miles can a car last? 100,000, 200,000?
I have 404,000 plus miles on my 1988 S-10 Blazer

transmission was changed once

oil every 7,000 or 10,000

coolant changed twice ( when I replaced the thermostat)

break and power steering ...never changed

Still whining power steering...?

Sor for the new post for those that answered...didn't know how to update without closing the thread. Thanks all for your inputs and answers, just wanted to leave an update.

I, again, checked the fluid level and bled it, checked for leaks and found nothing wrong. I also checked the belt for any wear/cracks/ or if it was tight enough/too tight. Everything seems fine.

I remeber though, about a day or so before it started whining, we heard clicking noises when we went up steep hills...I thought that might just be bad gas and was pinging. But now, even at idle, the pump sounds like it is knocking/clicking with a slight whine (almost like a blown engine----root blower). I'd hate to change belts only to find out it's not the problem...especially since it is a pain in the 3.0L engines. Yet I'd also hate to take it to a mechanic to have them tell me something I already might have guessed and pay them for it :(Still whining power steering...?
your power steering pump is going out.Still whining power steering...?
See your first answer. I'd agree with him! Your pump may be shot!Still whining power steering...?
the other answers are right! you are hearing the bearings in the pump wearing out. nothing to do now except replace the pump and also make sure that your belt isn,t too tight, that can knock out the bearings very quickly.Still whining power steering...?
Of course it is very hard to diagnose a car without seeing it and listening to it, but I do have this point to offer. You mention that the whining increased when going up hill, but unless you were turning while going up hill the act of climbing a hill would add no additional strain to a power steering pump.

What is the cost of all these parts?

I hvae 2003 Mazada Protege, few days back it got stopped on a freeway, when i tow it to the dealer, he said i need to change the following parts.can some one tell me how much these costs?he is billing around 3k.

drive belt

timing belt

water pumps



front brakes

power steering fluid

batteryWhat is the cost of all these parts?
Drive belt $9.00 - $19.00

Timing Belt $89.99 - $129.99

Water Pump $46.00 - $84.00

Radiator $199.99

Hoses $ 9.89 - $15.49 each


Front $23.99 - $34.99

Rear $25.99

powers steering fluid $2.99

Based on the Autozone prices listed above, the total cost of parts on the high side is $ 527.00 . Therefore you are being charged about $ 2,473.00 labor.

Personally I would get a few more quotes.What is the cost of all these parts?
whoa. I'm not sure how much all that costs. but you might want to get a second opinion if you can. Honestly the parts total might cost like $1,000 and the $2,000 would be labor. They charge A LOT for labor. Some of that stuff you could have changed yourself with a few directions from the internet. i.e. the battery you could have done easily, same with the brakes and the power steering fluid.What is the cost of all these parts?
thats a lot of thing to be change plus its a 2003 i bet you dont need have if those things they just want to rip you off it there job. plus if you really want to change all that u will half of that or lest if you do it your self or have a friend do it for youWhat is the cost of all these parts?
drive belt - do your self

timing belt - not if it is an 03,as there are 13 year old Taurus' on there original belt

water pumps - dealer is bs-ing you

radiator - lie from dealer

hoses - another lie

front brakes - do your self

power steering fluid - BIG @$$ lie

battery - any one could do

No more than 250 at the MOST maybe 150,and a day or two (depends on person)What is the cost of all these parts?
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  • Rough cost of replacing power steering pump STS 99?

    Does anyone know how much it costs to replace a power steering pump in my 99 or 98 Cadillac STS. cant remember which year. Im pretty positive the pumps out, because the wheel is very difficult to steer with. I noticed today that it started making the low fluid whining sound when turning. Really I want to know rough labor costs. A mechanic told me roughly 1,000. I find that to be rediculous because the parts add up to about 100. I just dont know how much work goes into changing it on a Cadillac. anyone with experience please help. Im not sure if it would require an engine lift or anything like that. That would be awesome if I could just do it in my garage with regular tools, but I doubt it.

    thanks a lot in advanced everyone,

    JoshRough cost of replacing power steering pump STS 99?
    Have you tried looking under the car for leaks. Sometimes it is a simple thing like to tighten a clamp on a hose from the pump to the rack %26amp; pinion. What I would do is fill the pump with oil jack up the front of the car start the motor turn your steering wheel left to right lock to lock 4 or 5 times then have a look under the car to see if you can see the oil leak there has to be a leak somewhere. Have a go you have nothing to loose.Rough cost of replacing power steering pump STS 99?
    It sounds more like the steering rack is the problem. That will cost around $1000 dollars and up.

    How long can a squeaking power steering pump be left alone?

    So yesterday I start pulling out of my driveway in my '89 LeSabre (Vin C 3800 motor, pump has 220k miles) when I noticed my power steering feeling wonky and the pump making a terrible noise. I check the fluid and it was foamy, yellow, and super low. I must have a small leak and the empty space must have gotten filled with condensation (was raining all day) and then mixed with the remaining fluid. I sucked out the old fluid and poured in some fresh fluid and off to school I went.

    So... I check it again today and its super low... again.... at least its not foaming this time. However, the pump has developed a squeak so its time for a new one. I'm actually going to salvage the pump and lines off an '89 Bonnie parts car but I can't get at for a couple days.

    So my questions:

    1. Can I drive my car with the bad pump for a couple hundred miles and be ok? I commute a pretty good distance to school but I should be able to swap out the pump in about a week. I'll keep the fluid topped off in the mean time and the squeaking isn't terrible right now.

    2. How exactly is the pumped changed out? 2x 13mm bolts to the motor and then a couple 10mm fittings to the rack, then pull the lines and pump out as an assembly?

    Thanks for any input folks :)How long can a squeaking power steering pump be left alone?
    Yes you can still drive the car with a squeaking power steering pump. Can't really tell you how long the pump will last but even if it goes out completely it is still drivable just really hard to turn. If you want to get a little more time out of the pump fill it up with transmission fluid. It is thicker than steering fluid so it will not leak as fast and will still work Just fine. and to change the pump as long as the pulleys are the same you just unhook the lines unbolt the pump and replace. If the pulley is different you will need to get them both pressed off and the new one pressed on to the pump. most parts stores should have the tool for this to rent.How long can a squeaking power steering pump be left alone?
    The one thing you have neglected to mention is %26quot;where the leak is%26quot;...THAT is what needs to be repaired before you even consider how long you can drive with a squeaky pump. Allowing the pump to run low everyday is just asking for a more catastrophic failure that would likely cost more money...How long can a squeaking power steering pump be left alone?
    If you keep it topped off you will be ok. I had one go dry and finally after 3000 miles it went out. I think it lasted so long is because a small bit stayed in the pump to lubricate it.

    good luck on 2 question. It really shouldn't be too difficult. It might be easier to remove the lines 1st. If you have access to tubing wrenches will help the chance of rounding off corners of the fittingsHow long can a squeaking power steering pump be left alone?
    power steering is only to make slow speed turning easier and is not a major requirement but you could need a new rack and pinion/steering box depending on type of steering and where the leak is....the bad noise is proberbly because of the pump working on low fluid