Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to drain Power Steering Pump...?

EG8 1.5 Single Cam 92Model Civic ...bought foreign used power steering pump %26amp; changing it myself.....I need to know the steps to drain all the fluid out the lines %26amp; pump so i can put CLEAN ORIGINAL HONDA Power Steering Fluid.....How to drain Power Steering Pump...?
I recommend removing the fluid from the reservoir if you can, then disconnect the return line and put it into another container while plugging the return port on the reservoir. This will take all of the fluid from the system and return it to the jug and keep it from cycling back into your system. Then keep the reservoir topped off with the fluid you want to put into the system. Start the car and turn the steering wheel all of the way to one side, but not enough to make it squeal. Hold the wheel this way with a bungee. It's best to have someone help with this because the reservoir CANNOT RUN DRY! It will destroy the pump. Keep the car running and topping off the reservoir with new fluid until the fluid that runs out of the return line into the disposal jug is clean and has no air in it. After this, turn the car off, connect the return line back onto the power steering reservoir and turn the steering wheel to the opposite side. Let the car sit this way for about 5 to 10 minutes. Start it up, move the wheel from lock to lock and then bungee it on the other side, turn the car off and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes again. This will open up the valves in the rack and allow any air to float up and out of the system. You may have to do this several times, but it will bleed it and then you will have replaced the fluid in the system as well as flushed it. Hope this helps. I have done it many times.

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